Iroquois community walking tour

Mercedes, Costa Rica

With Mauricio Castillo

Mauricio Castillo is native to the small community of Iroquois, CR, where since the age of 3 he was taught about living in the virgin jungle. Because of his indigenous heritage he was taught to hunt animals in order to survive and to identify & process medicinal plants. He has four children whom he teaches about conservation & about the importance of not hunting wildlife. He enjoys photography and works as a guide for tourists showing them natural and cultural attractions in the area. Maurico studied English and continues to expand his vocabulary -- Tourists are encouraged to have a working knowledge of Spanish to aid in discussions, but he is eager to practice English.


“Our doors are always open.” These are words to live by in the Iroquois community. Whether you’re an old friend of a new face you are sure to receive a warm welcome upon arriving to their close knit community. While you explore the community you will experience a vast array of indigenous animals and medicinal plant species. Prepare to see howler monkeys, peacocks, fish and a multitude of exotic birds. Crack open an aloe vera leaf while you sip out of a freshly cut coconut and view the numerous fruit trees Costa Rica has to offer.  This tour will involve light physical activity and will last approximately 2 hrs with a few stops in the houses of community members.

PRICE Starts at $65.00