With Gwen Dial Locklear

Gwen Locklear is the granddaughter of the late Elisha Dial who founded the Hawkeye High School in 1952. After the integration of all the schools in Hoke County, Hawkeye High School’s name was changed to a geographical name in 1968 to South Hoke Elementary School. After many years, in the early 90’s the Hawkeye community felt that the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina was losing it’s identity. Gwen Locklear and other members in the community founded the Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center in 1997. Ms. Locklear is the director of the center and continues to work tirelessly to foster community pride, status and traditions.


Hawkeye was the name of a great Indian Chief in earlier years. The Hawkeye community has existed for many years, but the Lumbee Indian Culture is only now gradually re-emerging. Ms. Locklear has great passion for her community and is delighted to proudly relate the history of the cultural center.  In an informal and unscripted manner, she will walk around the center’s grounds and facilities introducing guests to her peers and relating stories old and new. The tour will last approximately 1 hr and is appropriate for groups up to 6 people.

PRICE Starts at $40.00