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Walking Tour in Beppu Region, Japan

Beppu, Ōita Prefecture, Japan


With Miyoko Kei

Miyoko Kei was born in Hazamamachi, Yufu-city, Oita. After graduate high school, she move to Aichi prefecture for her job. After she retired, she got an elderly care job.
She has been back to her hometown for her mother’s care. And now she engages in local community development actively, while she works at her farm.


Guests will be able to walk around the village, mainly her own terraced paddy field in front of Ms. Kei's house and the Yufugawa Valley. Depending on the season, guests can see either the different prospering plants or changing colors on the leaves. The view from there is expansive and there will be multiple opportunities to take photos.

PRICE Starts at 2000 Yen