Pottery & Pizza Making in Beppu Region, Japan

Beppu, Ōita Prefecture, Japan


With Yu-Zan and Shizue Tanabe

Mr. & Mrs. Tanabe used to live in Fukuoka about 10 years ago. They took 5 years to find this beautiful place to live in Yufu, Oita.

Yu-zan, he is a pottery artist and he is mainly teaching pottery class. While, wife Shizue; she is cultivating many kinds of herbs and vegetables throughout the year.


To begin, guests will be taught how to do pottery face-to-face by pottery artist, Yu-zan. For those who do not know how to do pottery or how to start, Yu-zan will guide them on whichever pottery piece they'd like to make. Also guests can choose any of six colors for your masterpiece to be colored.

From there, guests will be able to make their own pizza using the outdoor pizza oven. All the ingredients are provided by the host and they will provide plates and cups which Yu-zan made for guests to use. Guests will also meet Shizue and engage in a conversation about life in the region they live in and their everyday activities.

PRICE Starts at 5000 Yen