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Walking in Miharashi Village

Beppu, Ōita Prefecture, Japan


With Hideko Imi and Takaji Imi

As this couple own a mountain by themselves, we can visit the mountain and choose our own observatory spot to enjoy the abundance scenery of Yufu city’s nature. Last thing you shouldn’t miss: their house’s indoor natural hot springs.
Mrs.Hideko Imi has been working in the area hospital until her recent retirement. Her hobby includes cooking traditional food and selling them at the local market.
Mr. Takaji Imi is an enthusiastic forestry worker who has a big passion for mountain-related activities such as mountain climbing, hiking and planting exotic mountain mushrooms.


The Imi’s family garden is a truly magical place with several local plants, flowers and vegetables. Tourists could take part in the acts of planting seasonal flowers in the garden, eating lunch in the garden and enjoy the endless serenity of nature. Furthermore, they could also go to the mountain and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yufu’s city from their own observatory spots.

*PRICE Starts at 2500 Yen